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The Maritime Administration is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the mandatory IMO maritime safety, security, crew welfare and proficiency, and marine environmental protection standards in domestic law.

Maritime Affairs within the Administration covers all other functions that are not specifically assigned to Registration and Technical Services under specific Flag State obligations of the respective Conventions. Further, Maritime Affairs is directly responsible for ensuring that the Port State, Coastal State, and Contracting Government’s obligations are adequately met.

The Maritime Affairs portfolio includes:

  • Drafting and updating Antigua and Barbuda Shipping Legislation and incorporating International Law and Conventions into shipping legislation where appropriate to Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Acting as point of contact for prosecution of offences under the Merchant Shipping Act, including offences related to marine pollution.
  • Acting as point of contact for other government departments and interested bodies for the purpose of determining how the relevant flag, port and coastal state responsibilities relating to maritime safety and protection of the marine environment are carried out by Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Acting as point of contact for Search and Rescue (SAR) in conjunction with Rescue Coordination Centres and other relevant bodies.
  • Issuing advice to the shipping industry through Notices or similar system.
  • Participating in international maritime assemblies, forums, and conferences.
  • Supporting the promotion of the registry both locally and internationally.
  • Carrying out Flag State action regarding Port State Control (PSC) interventions by other States on Antigua and Barbuda flagged vessels.
  • Contribute towards the facilitation of Maritime Traffic.