MLC 2006

Antigua and Barbuda has ratified the Maritime Labour Convention and owners with ships registered in Antigua and Barbuda are required to comply with its requirements.  All the Recognised Organisations have been authorised to issue International Maritime Labour Certificates.

Seafarer complaints under regulation 5.2.2. are dealt with by our  technical department at headquarters.


The MLC requires that each ship over 500 GT is issued with a Maritime Labour Certificate.  These certificates are in three parts:

  • The Maritime Labour Certificate.  This is the fundamental certificate and will be issued by one of the recognised organisations after the ship inspection.
  • The Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I (DMLC Part I)  This is a statement of the national requirements and is issued by the administration.  One is required for each ship and it sets out the Antigua and Barbuda requirements.  The text of this document is included in the annex to the Circular on MLC requirements.  When an individual ship copy is required this can be issued immediately by contacting either our office in Oldenburg or the headquarters in St. John’s.
  • The Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II, (DMLC Part II).  This is the statement completed by the shipowner which sets out in brief terms the ways in which he is meeting the standards in the DMLC Part I.   Blanks are available from the website and each owner has to prepare his own DMLC Part II.


The process of certification requires four simple steps.

  • The owner obtains a copy of  Circular 2014-003 (Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Guidance) which contains the text of the DMLC Part I, from the website and examines his current systems and procedures against the requirements set out there and in the regulations.
  • Having analysed the existing systems and procedures against the requirements in the DMLC Part I the shipowner takes steps to close any gaps and ensure that the procedures and systems in place ensure compliance with the DMLC Part I.
  • Having closed any gaps the shipowner completes the DMLC Part II  setting  out the procedures and systems that ensure the standards in the DMLC Part I are met.
  • When the DMLC part II is complete the shipowner asks the administration for a final DMLC Part I and applies to an RO for certification under the Convention.  The RO will ask for copies of the part I and the Part II and any supporting documentation which they will review ashore.  When the review is satisfactorily completed the RO will arrange attendance on board to complete the inspection and verify compliance on board the ship after which the certificate can be issued.