ISPS Code.
All of the nine Classification Societies that are recognised by Antigua and Barbuda are authorised as RSOs and can conduct audits for the issue of International Ship Security Certificates and approve Ship Security Plans on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda.

LRIT certificates are issued by ADOMS St. John’s on receipt of a valid conformance test report from the testing Application Service Provider.  The following are the six  authorised testing Application Service Providers for Antigua and Barbuda ships:
  • SatPro Int. Ltd. & Co KG,
    Ewerweg 6
    24245 Kirchbarkau,
    Germany.Tel: + 49 4302 9697914
    Fax: + 49 4302 9697915
  • Thrane and Thrane A/S
    Lundtoftegaardsvej 93 D
    DenmarkTel: + 45 39 55 88 00
    Fax: + 45 39 55 88 88
  • CLS
    Collecte Localisation Satellites
    8-10 rue Hermes
    Parc technologique du Canal
    31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne
    Tel: +33 561 394 720
    Fax: + 33 561 394 797
    Email: lrit.testing@cls.ft

As soon as a valid conformance test report is received by ADOMS St. John’s, the data for the LRIT certificate can be generated and used to produce an LRIT Certificate at St. John’s or transmitted electronically to Oldenburg for immediate issue.


It is the policy of ADOMS to permit the carriage of armed security teams on board Antigua and Barbuda ships operating in areas where the owners and managers feel that this measure is essential for the safety and security of the ship’s crews.  Currently owners wishing to engage armed teams need to advise ADOMS St. John’s and provide a copy of the contract plus a letter of indemnity for the administration.  ADOMS will by return provide an official letter confirming the flag state’s agreement to the team which is sufficient for the purposes of most littoral states.  For ships that may call at an Indian port with an armed team on board it is necessary to have an additional step which is to provide a list of the team members and the weapons carried.  This list can be validated by ADOMS St. John’s and attached to the official letter confirming agreement.

The IMO has very recently agreed an international ISO standard for companies providing armed security teams (Standard PAS.280007).  It is expected that most reputable companies supplying teams will seek accreditation to this standard during 2013 and ADOMS would recommend using only companies with this accreditation once companies start to get certified.