Surveys & Inspections

Issue of Certificates

The administration issues:

  • Certificates of registry,
  • CSRs,
  • Minimum safe manning documents,
  • Bunker certificates,
  • Radio licenses,
  • DMLC Part I certificates

The ten Recognised Organisations are authorised to issue all other statutory certificates and to conduct the surveys associated with them . However there are a few exceptions highlighted below;


Exemptions are normally issued only by the administration but for some routine ones that are specifically covered in the Conventions, authority has been given to the Recognised Organisations for their issue.

Temporary Permissions

It is accepted that ships experience minor breakdowns in essential convention equipment from time to time.  These breakdowns and other temporary situations where the ship is not able to demonstrate full compliance with the conventions are dealt with by the issue of a “Temporary Permission”  These documents are issued only by the administration and can be prepared and sent very quickly.  They are used in situations where a formal exemption is not appropriate and where the need is urgent and  temporary and they serve to prove:

  • that the flag state has been informed,
  • it has considered the situation and
  • it has agreed to the position for a short time subject to conditions as set out in the document.

It is important that owners and managers inform the administration quickly when there is a problem of this nature.  The issue of a temporary permission and compliance with its conditions will demonstrate to PSC and others that the administration has been informed and has agreed which normally allows the ship to continue in service without delay.


Antigua and Barbuda operates a system of regular inspections for its ships.  The inspections are conducted by a large group of authorised inspectors based in locations all around the world.  Most ships, other than new ships less then 12 months old, are subjected to an initial inspection before registry,  then once registered, they fall within the annual inspection regime.

There are three types of inspection:

  • The Initial Safety Inspection (ISI) which takes place at the time of registry for any ship of more then 12 months in age.
  • The Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) which takes place at intervals of not more than 18 months for all ships (the interval varies depending on the results of the last inspection) .   This inspection is arranged and co-ordinated through ADOMS IID.
  • The Special Safety Inspection (SSI) which is required when there is a special need, such as when a ship is detained by Port State Control or in the case of a justified Seafarer complaint under MLC(2006).

Changes to the scheme are being made that will allow  the administration to target inspections more precisely and ships that have a good inspection record will have the interval between flag state yearly  inspections increased, while ships with repeated problems will have the interval reduced.