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Community Notice

The Small Craft Control Act was submitted to Parliament in mid 2015 and was duly passed by both Houses of Parliament and given Royal Assent.

The Antigua Department of Marine Services (ADOMS) have requested through the Attorney General’s office, that the Act be brought into force, as of 1st. January 2016.

Under this Act, ADOMS will now be the Authority with full responsibility for Registration, Licensing and Regulation of all small pleasure craft and small commercial vessels.

The previous work done by the Small Craft Division at the Port Authority has been formally transferred to ADOMS and this includes the licensing of small commercial vessels.

This area of work will now be fully integrated with the existing inspection and certification conducted by ADOMS, in order to simplify the procedures for both the owners and operators of these vessels.

In the context of these new regulations, a small pleasure craft is less than 24 metres in length and includes boats, canoes, dinghies, kayaks, pontoons and jet skis, operating on inland waters and the coastal waters of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Small Craft Control Regulations 2016 will be enacted with a related Code of Practice, for the guidance of small craft operators.

As part of this process, ADOMS is keen to engage with the pleasure craft sector and other stakeholders, to promote and discuss these new Regulations before they come into force.

It is intended to host some workshop meetings and if you would like to attend please register your interest with the ADOMS office on, telephone number 462 1273 asking for the Technical Department, or you can email direct to technical@abregistry.ag.