Visiting Vessels

All vessels visiting Antigua and Barbuda are required to have the same level of safety equipment as applicable for the respective category of craft that is subject to ADOMS’ licensing regime.  This includes any tenders operated from mega yachts and cruise ships, but also any visiting small craft (mainly yachts) that require a cruising permit.

Cruising permits are issued with an advisory notice, requesting compliance of the vessel with the local safety standards for small craft.  Read more

Any foreign-flagged vessels operating in Antigua and Barbuda waters are considered as having made a self-declaration of compliance with all local regulations, including the safety standards for small craft.  Read more

The self-declaration of compliance also incorporates the duty to report accidents/incidents immediately by completing an incident report form.

Non-compliant vessels may be denied a cruising permit, or when underway may be required to return to port or leave Antigua and Barbuda waters immediately.