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Marine Notices (MNs) are issued by ADOMS as the primary means for promulgating information pertaining to: safety and security; the establishment of, changes to, and deficiencies in aids to navigation; dangers and hazards to navigation; anchorage; restricted areas; proposed construction or modification of berths; ADOMS interpretation of regulations; and practical recommendations by ADOMS to assist operators and authorities in their compliance with regulations.

They are numbered sequentially by year with subsequent revisions being identified by a revision number. It should be noted that specific MN numbers may be reserved for future use and may not be published in numerical order. MNs are to be complied with, as applicable, by all parties to which they apply.

The most current versions of all publications are available here in the Information Center.  Kindly note that previous versions (which may have been printed or downloaded) are removed and are no longer published and should be disregarded.