Technical Services

ADOMS St. John’s is the head office for the Antigua and Barbuda administration.

In general technical policy decisions are made by the technical team at St. John’s who also attend IMO meetings and  promulgate the policy decisions and laws governing Antigua and Barbuda ships.  ADOMS St. John’s is also the key link to the recognised organisations and is responsible for the contractual arrangements with the ROs and for the regular monitoring of ROs as required by the IMO.

However the office in Oldenburg also has a key role in technical services and it undertakes most of the day to day work of documentation and certification for Antigua and Barbuda ships.  Being located close to a large section of the registry’s customers this allows exemptions and temporary permissions as well as other documents to be quickly and efficiently delivered to customers.  At the same time the technical team in St. John’s can also undertake this work when the German office is closed.

The two offices work closely together to deliver good technical services to customers which means that a technical query can be answered very quickly on a 24 hours a day basis.