Antigua Barbuda Legislation

The laws relating to Merchant Shipping in Antigua and Barbuda are in two main forms. Primary legislation which is the Merchant Shipping Act, as amended, and which is made by the Parliament and Secondary legislation which is made by the Minister in conjunction with Parliament in accordance with powers to do so that are contained in the Act. Secondary legislation is in the form of Merchant Shipping Regulations. Copies of legislation should be retained on board commercial vessels of greater than 24m length. Such copies may be in electronic form provided arrangements are made to enable them to be accessed by the appropriate seafarers.

Directive 003 2013 (rev 1)

This Directive has effect from 1 June 2013.  It establishes the definition of Safe Haven for vessels operating under the SCV Code and it establishes the limits that are determined for Protected Waters and Coastal Waters by ADOMS.  Additionally, the Directive contains...

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